wand.api — Low-level interfaces

Changed in version 0.1.10: Changed to throw ImportError instead of AttributeError when the shared library fails to load.

class wand.api.c_magick_char_p

This subclass prevents the automatic conversion behavior of ctypes.c_char_p, allowing memory to be properly freed in the destructor. It must only be used for non-const character pointers returned by ImageMagick functions.


(ctypes.CDLL) The MagickWand library.


(ctypes.CDLL) The C standard library.


(ctypes.CDLL) The ImageMagick library. It is the same with library on platforms other than Windows.

New in version 0.1.10.


Loads the MagickWand library.

Returns:the MagickWand library and the ImageMagick library
Return type:ctypes.CDLL