wand.font — Fonts

New in version 0.3.0.

Font is an object which takes the path of font file, size, color, and whether to use antialiasing. If you want to use font by its name rather than the file path, use TTFQuery package. The font path resolution by its name is a very complicated problem to achieve.

See also

TTFQuery — Find and Extract Information from TTF Files

TTFQuery builds on the FontTools-TTX package to allow the Python programmer to accomplish a number of tasks:

  • query the system to find installed fonts
  • retrieve metadata about any TTF font file
    • this includes the glyph outlines (shape) of individual code-points, which allows for rendering the glyphs in 3D (such as is done in OpenGLContext)
  • lookup/find fonts by:
    • abstract family type
    • proper font name
  • build simple metadata registries for run-time font matching
class wand.font.Font

Font struct which is a subtype of tuple.

  • path (str, basestring) – the path of the font file
  • size (numbers.Real) – the size of typeface. 0 by default which means autosized
  • color (Color) – the color of typeface. black by default
  • antialias (bool) – whether to use antialiasing. True by default
  • stroke_color (Color) – optional color to outline typeface.
  • stroke_width (numbers.Real) – optional thickness of typeface outline.

Changed in version 0.3.9: The size parameter becomes optional. Its default value is 0, which means autosized.

Changed in version 0.5.0: Added stroke_color & stoke_width paramaters.


(bool) Whether to apply antialiasing (True) or not (False).


(wand.color.Color) The font color.


(basestring) The path of font file.


(numbers.Real) The font size in pixels.


(wand.color.Color) The stroke color.


(numbers.Real) The width of the stroke line.