Resource management

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wand.resource — Global resource management

There is the global resource to manage in MagickWand API. This module implements automatic global resource management through reference counting.

Objects Wand provides are resources to be managed. It has to be closed (destroyed) after using like file or database connection. You can deal with it using with very easily and explicitly:

with Image(filename='') as img:
    # deal with img...

Or you can call its destroy() (or close() if it is an Image instance) method manually:

    img = Image(filename='')
    # deal with img...


It also implements the destructor that invokes destroy(), and if your program runs on CPython (which does reference counting instead of ordinary garbage collection) most of resources are automatically deallocated.

However it’s just depending on CPython’s implementation detail of memory management, so it’s not a good idea. If your program runs on PyPy (which implements garbage collector) for example, invocation time of destructors is not determined, so the program would be broken.